Saturday, 25 June 2016

When Homeowner's Insurance Goes Wrong

When Ethan's parents bought their home at such age, they were filled with joy - such that can never be quantified. Shortly after they moved in, while the couple was out for a romantic dinner, one of the lamps overheated and caused a fire. For the timely call by neighbors and quick arrival of the fire service, the damage was not too much. The insurance company called a contractor to repair the damage. Shortly afterwards, it was discovered the contractor mistakenly damaged a pipe and caused leakage in the basement, resulting in mold infestation.

The insurance company was called in again but this time, they only ordered far less than the estimation cost. It was frustration all through for Ethan's parents who not only had to battle to raise the money for repair but were disappointed by their insurance company. This is a common situation many people face in the hands of some of these insurance companies; there's no need to even deny it.

When dealing with a professional home insurance company like Greater National Group, it is important you ask the right questions. No one will fault you for asking too many questions. The worst you can do is tire them out with it. Professional insurance brokers know communication and understanding is important for any policy to have effect. Take things out with the insurer, so if it requires additional premium, you would know how far they are willing to go with their coverage.

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