Thursday, 23 June 2016

GNG Came Through for Me

I have to start by personally thanking Rob Sinclair and the entire GNG team for helping me out just when I needed them. I was involved in an accident few months ago as driver drove into my lane. Like things weren't bad enough, it was a weekend holiday. I was basically out of breath from worry. So in desperation I put a call across to GNG and surprisingly someone picked up. For some strange reason I wasn't expecting anyone to answer the phone. I was instructed on what to do by the agent and told to come over to the office on Monday.

While I have never had any doubt in the company, I was beyond amazed on how they walked me through the entire process without any problems. All questions were answered to my satisfaction. I even received calls to keep me updated on how far they have gone with the process. Thanks guys! You came through for me just when I needed it.

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