Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Cyber Insurance Starts from Businesses Employee Education

In today’s world, technology plays a vital role. As a matter of fact, development is being measured by the extent by which technology has been incorporated. As important as technology in our everyday lives, it too comes with a certain number of negatives. A major highlighted one of today is the issue of security. Since today’s companies heavily depend on technology, it is understandable to see why security is placed as their top priority.

The threat posed by cyber-attacks is very real and evident, even in more recent cases. The need for cyber insurance has never been so important than it is today. While there are several cyber security tools being developed daily, firewall seems to be at the forefront. Even with its advancement, firewalls have proven to have certain levels of limitations in them. Cyber insurance is the only viable tool currently available to help shield a business from the risk of cyber-attacks.

The beginning of any true cyber insurance program would have to begin with training of the business employees. The truth is, a large number of these security breaches are often caused by human errors. According to cyber insurance experts at Greater national Group, it is not just about getting the best cyber insurance policy. Companies must actively train its employees to understand the basics of cyber security.

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