Thursday, 16 June 2016

Using Hackers for Hire as the New Cyber Insurance for Your Business

Although they can wreck untold havoc to your business, unarguably, hackers are as good as they come. One of the things that make stopping cyber-attacks really hard for both businesses and governments is because these hackers are often anonymous. They may call themselves few names and have a mission but they still remain anonymous. Although firewalls are effective, in recent times we have seen big corporations fall prey to these hackers.

This leaves companies to source for other solutions, one beyond what conventional cyber insurance can offer. There's a common saying that goes something like 'you use a thief to catch a thief'. By getting renowned hackers to check your company security for vulnerability, you are able to stay one step ahead in case of future cyber-attacks. These hackers for hire are not so readily available but can be hired through middlemen.

Even top cyber insurance brokers often advise these measures to help protect their client's database. While the services of these hackers for hire do not come cheaply, looking at the long term benefits makes it an even better, cost effective approach. 

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