Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How to Reduce Your Vulnerability to Business Theft

Every business at one time or the other is vulnerable to theft. The ease at which such theft occurrences would occur is largely determined by several factors like the size of the business, location, and nature of the business. Theft in this case applies to simple burglary, employee theft, to cyber-attacks. While having good theft insurance from a reputation company like Greater National Group will help when theft cases occurs, you can still do your best to prevent such attempts.  

To prevent theft by outsiders, you would have to put physical security measures in place. Ensure your business is well secured with strong locks and doors. These days we are mostly concerned about aesthetics but that shouldn't mean you have to compromise on security. There should be adequate lighting both internally and externally to scare away these burglars. In addition to this, an alarm system should be installed and connected to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Measures should be put in place to discourage employee theft. This is usually the greatest of thefts if left unchecked. There are several ways to go about this. You can speak to insurance brokers to help you out. Cyber-attacks would need more sophisticated security approaches but should still be undertaken to prevent loss. For this type of theft, a special insurance package called cyber insurance would be needed.

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