Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tips on Reducing Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can have a devastating effect on the overall productivity of the business, especially if it is a small business. Small businesses usually have less number of staffs and an absence of one would be felt by others. While injuries are sometimes beyond our control, we can still take steps to prevent most of them. Greater National Group insurance experts gave out some tips for businesses to use in reducing workplace injuries.

Management and Employee Relationship

Workplace injuries can be prevented at most when there is a good and cordial collaboration between the business management and its employees. When it comes to safety, everyone is responsible and should take steps to prevent it. Management can assign managers whose responsibilities would be to ensure all safety components are in place.

Analyze Workplace Operations and Equipment

Make a detailed inspection of all of your equipment and operations. Ask employees about how they see the operations and if they have concerns about their safety in any of their operations. Equipment should be inspected to ensure proper safety measures are put in place. When new operations and equipment are added to the business, proper safety measures should be put in place too.

Train Workers

For workplace hazards and injuries to be curtailed, workers should be trained on how to use equipment properly. First aid training should also be included in case there's an sustained injury. These safety measures activities should be an ongoing process to ensure workplace injuries are reduced to its barest minimum.

Common Mistakes People Make with Insurance

Most people really do not know the value of insurance until they've had a loss or damage. For this reason, they usually have this lackadaisical approach to it all. An insurance expert at Greater National Group says it’s shocking to see the number of people who take on insurance that doesn't fully cover their businesses. More shockingly surprising is the fact that many entrepreneurs don't even bother with insurance altogether.

One Insurance Covers All

This is the attitude that many people use in taking insurance. As a matter of fact, issues that arise between insurance companies and some of their insured is as a result of misinformation and misunderstanding. There are different types of insurance with different coverage abilities. If you're uncertain about your insurance, there are more than enough insurance experts to help with better explanation. Just stop assuming!

Invincibility Effect

While this may seem a bit funny to some, many business owners often think their business somehow is invincible to any possible loss or damage. Some go as far as stating how they've survived for years without such loss. While no one prays for such, no business is invincible to losses or damages. Natural disasters, for example, cannot be controlled or prevented by any human abilities. Rather than stay rooted in this catastrophic belief, equip your business with the right insurance.

Basics of Liability Insurance

James Curtis had worked tirelessly to grow his business into a success over a 5-year span. His company deals with cosmetic products and was already making plans to open a new office in few months’ time. What he got in his mail that cold Tuesday morning was going to be one he would never forget in a hurry. A customer was suing his business for damages caused by using one of his products.

Situations like these are often common in businesses that sell products. This is where liability insurance comes in to play. There are several instances where customers or clients are victim of damages and loses incurred by your business. Imagine a situation where someone falls when visiting your office. According to LiabilityInsurance expert at Greater National Group, smart business owners know that this type of insurance is a must have for their businesses. 

This insurance covers four main categories of loss or damages:
  • ·         Bodily injury
  • ·         Persona injury  - slander and libel
  • ·         Damage to other people’s property
  • ·         Misleading or false advertising

A closer look at these categories shows that any one, just about anyone, can fall prey to this. All James Curtis had to do was put a call across to his insurer and the company sent an adjuster to help handle things. No business is too small or big to include liability insurance to their insurance package. This type of insurance doesn’t cover loss or a damage to employees; that’s what worker’s compensation policy was designed for.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

GNG Review - Good Support and Care

Thank you GNG for all the support and care. It's always good to know someone out there truly cares. I was involved in an accident sometime last year. A drunk driver ran into my car at a traffic light. Before I could pull myself together and get out of the car, the driver drove off. Luckily for me I was able to get the plate number. At the time I was terrified because I didn't have much cash and didn't get insurance details of the driver. I put a call across to GNG and the customer representative helped calm my nerves a bit.

Filing for a claim wasn't as stressful as I had imagined. The staff adjuster explained everything in details on why eat information was needed. They were able to identify the driver later on but GNG paid fully for my car damages. For a student heavily in debt at that time, it was a great relief for me. Thanks guys!

Do You Need A Public Adjuster?

Generally, a public adjuster is hired to protect the interest of an insured business. In the case of a loss or damage, a public adjuster acts as an advocate for the business throughout the claim process. As a matter of fact, the services of a public adjuster when hired will only expire after the claim has been paid. Public adjusters should not be mistaken for adjusters sent by insurance companies. A public adjuster does not work for insurance companies but solely for the business.

When you have damage or a loss you may hire a public adjuster who would deal directly with the adjuster of the insurance company. Normally when your business suffers a loss or damage, a good insurance company like Greater National Group would immediately assign an adjuster to you. Insurance companies assign basically two types of adjusters; staff adjuster and independent adjuster. Ideally, you would not need to hire a public adjuster if there are not issues or holdups in receiving your claim. The insurance adjusters can usually handle all aspects of the job.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

When Homeowner's Insurance Goes Wrong

When Ethan's parents bought their home at such age, they were filled with joy - such that can never be quantified. Shortly after they moved in, while the couple was out for a romantic dinner, one of the lamps overheated and caused a fire. For the timely call by neighbors and quick arrival of the fire service, the damage was not too much. The insurance company called a contractor to repair the damage. Shortly afterwards, it was discovered the contractor mistakenly damaged a pipe and caused leakage in the basement, resulting in mold infestation.

The insurance company was called in again but this time, they only ordered far less than the estimation cost. It was frustration all through for Ethan's parents who not only had to battle to raise the money for repair but were disappointed by their insurance company. This is a common situation many people face in the hands of some of these insurance companies; there's no need to even deny it.

When dealing with a professional home insurance company like Greater National Group, it is important you ask the right questions. No one will fault you for asking too many questions. The worst you can do is tire them out with it. Professional insurance brokers know communication and understanding is important for any policy to have effect. Take things out with the insurer, so if it requires additional premium, you would know how far they are willing to go with their coverage.

Tips to Know When Looking to Insure Your Home

So you probably have been able to build or buy your home. This is a very bold step to take and you deserve commendation. If you love you home as much as we think you do, then homeowner insurance should be part of the things you would need. Looking for the right insurance company is a good step but you have to have basic knowledge on it before making that step. Greater National Group experts have listed three tips to guide you.

Replacement Cost

So ideally you're looking for coverage to protect you in case of damage to your home or properties within the home. How much does it cost to rebuild your home? The answer to this question will tell you the amount of coverage you will need for your home. There are honest insurance companies out there but you cannot be too careful. Hire the service of a home builder to walk you through the process of rebuilding and the estimated cost for such project.

Include Valuables

Valuables can range from an expensive art works, jewelries, family heirloom, etc. Whatever it is, it would be in your home and would need coverage too. Do not assume that because you have a home insurance it would cover theft or damages to such valuables. General homeowner's insurance only covers basic items in house. To get these valuables insured, you would need to pay more on your premium. With this expectation, you are well prepared to include such items.

When Not to File a Complaint

Your home being protected by an insurance policy doesn't mean you should expect every repair or damage to be undertaken by the insurer. Have a fixed amount like say $1000. This means you would bear the cost for such repairs or damages. This point would be communicated to you by the insurance company since the price differs from one insurer to the other.

Do You Really Need Home Insurance?

As one of the perks of working in a multinational company, Charlie was privileged to own a vacation house in a country side. He soon discovered his well-furnished, getaway haven was not only broken into but had properties damaged. Immediately he contacted the police to lodge a complaint. Who was going to pay for all of this damages because obviously he couldn't afford a 24/7 security watch in a remote area?  

It is situations like this that homeowner's insurance were designed to cover. Any form of damages to the house or property will be taken care of by the insurance company. There is no extent of damage cause to your home that this kind of insurance can't cover. The more complicated the damages you want it to cover, the higher the premium package to be paid. Premium is usually determined by the insurance company.  

To get started with insuring your house, get in touch with home insurance experts. Insurance company like the Greater National Group always have professionals willing to sit down with clients and explain all there is to know about home insurance and the premium packages available. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

GNG Came Through for Me

I have to start by personally thanking Rob Sinclair and the entire GNG team for helping me out just when I needed them. I was involved in an accident few months ago as driver drove into my lane. Like things weren't bad enough, it was a weekend holiday. I was basically out of breath from worry. So in desperation I put a call across to GNG and surprisingly someone picked up. For some strange reason I wasn't expecting anyone to answer the phone. I was instructed on what to do by the agent and told to come over to the office on Monday.

While I have never had any doubt in the company, I was beyond amazed on how they walked me through the entire process without any problems. All questions were answered to my satisfaction. I even received calls to keep me updated on how far they have gone with the process. Thanks guys! You came through for me just when I needed it.

Cyber Insurance Broker Review

I have worked with the Greater National Group for several years now and I have not had any reason to regret. They have been my go-to insurance counsellor for my companies, I, and for some of my clients. It's always a pleasure to know I have a team of insurance professionals who are always in touch with the latest of all insurance policies and are always ready to make recommendations for me, where necessary.

I cannot count the number of times I have had to schedule an appointment with a member of their team to discuss new recommendations for my current policies. They take out time to go through the numbers with me, highlighting the benefits of each change to be made. I just want to say a big thank you Rob Sinclair and the team. It is a delight to know I can count on you guys anytime as far as insurance is concerned. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How to Reduce Your Vulnerability to Business Theft

Every business at one time or the other is vulnerable to theft. The ease at which such theft occurrences would occur is largely determined by several factors like the size of the business, location, and nature of the business. Theft in this case applies to simple burglary, employee theft, to cyber-attacks. While having good theft insurance from a reputation company like Greater National Group will help when theft cases occurs, you can still do your best to prevent such attempts.  

To prevent theft by outsiders, you would have to put physical security measures in place. Ensure your business is well secured with strong locks and doors. These days we are mostly concerned about aesthetics but that shouldn't mean you have to compromise on security. There should be adequate lighting both internally and externally to scare away these burglars. In addition to this, an alarm system should be installed and connected to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Measures should be put in place to discourage employee theft. This is usually the greatest of thefts if left unchecked. There are several ways to go about this. You can speak to insurance brokers to help you out. Cyber-attacks would need more sophisticated security approaches but should still be undertaken to prevent loss. For this type of theft, a special insurance package called cyber insurance would be needed.

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Find Insurance That Matches Your Business Size

One of the mistakes that most small business owners makes is to live with the assumption that their business is not yet big enough for insurance. Others are even more daring to believe since it's a small business, it wouldn't need insurance. Before proceeding any further, it is important to understand that there are several types of insurance for small businesses. The one suitable for you would be determined by these factors: type of business, number of employees, and location of the business.

Home based businesses are a common type of small size businesses. As a matter of fact, many businesses start off as home based before growing into bigger sizes. Number of employees is usually not more than two persons. Yet there are still insurance packages for these. Home insurance would not necessarily cover your business, even if it's located at home.

Insurance experts at Greater National Group agree that for a business to be categorized under small businesses, it must have below 100 employees and make below $5 million. By this definition, it tells that there are many small businesses around. A Business Owner Policy (BOP) is usually ideal for businesses in this category. If you are still unsure of the category of your business, walk into any reputable business insurance company and ask the right questions.

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Using Hackers for Hire as the New Cyber Insurance for Your Business

Although they can wreck untold havoc to your business, unarguably, hackers are as good as they come. One of the things that make stopping cyber-attacks really hard for both businesses and governments is because these hackers are often anonymous. They may call themselves few names and have a mission but they still remain anonymous. Although firewalls are effective, in recent times we have seen big corporations fall prey to these hackers.

This leaves companies to source for other solutions, one beyond what conventional cyber insurance can offer. There's a common saying that goes something like 'you use a thief to catch a thief'. By getting renowned hackers to check your company security for vulnerability, you are able to stay one step ahead in case of future cyber-attacks. These hackers for hire are not so readily available but can be hired through middlemen.

Even top cyber insurance brokers often advise these measures to help protect their client's database. While the services of these hackers for hire do not come cheaply, looking at the long term benefits makes it an even better, cost effective approach. 

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Cyber Insurance Brokers Look to Hackers to Help Curb Cyber-Attacks

The use of hackers by companies to help protect their data has long grown from a secret affair to a well-known practice. The list of big companies that use this method has some of the world's top companies in them. If a business deals with sensitive data, then it knows how valuable it is and how destructive it can be if it falls into the wrong hands.

Companies like Uber, Twitter, General Motors, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, you just name it. The list just goes on and on with more big names in it as players. So it is not out of place for cyber insurance companies to look towards replicating such approach for some of its clients. No matter how good a company's security team is, it is always profitable to include a hacker to the team. Basically hackers see flaws and vulnerability in any system.

Google had recently increased its public bug bounty program reward from $50,000 to $100,000. Basically what this program is after is to get hackers that can successfully find vulnerability and break into its Chrome software. Uber recently offered $10,000 to anyone that can successfully find a bug in their system. It has becomes imperative to include hackers in this fight against cyber-attacks and every business out there should take this a clue from this approach.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Future of Hacking and Cyber Insurance

The technological world is growing rapidly in each passing year. Statistical projections estimates say that by the year 2020, there should be about 20 to 50 billion connected devices online. While this is a great success, it also shows that cyber-attacks could also advance in the nearest future. The only way to curb this would be for cyber insurance and security tools to keep changing and adapting to protect the vulnerability of systems.

How does this affect businesses? One of the ways to stay ahead in this fight against cyber-attacks is for businesses to always stay informed on the latest cyber security measures. The truth is that no one can take your business more seriously than you do. Small businesses should set aside about two hours each week to stay informed on the current trends on cyber security.

As disappointing as this may seem, there is no one single solution to prevent these cyber-attacks. A closer look at some of the big corporations that have been affected is a true indication that there just isn't any one solution to it. So for small businesses looking for some sort of cushion from these cyber-attacks, cyber insurance still remains the most viable option available on the table.

Cyber Insurance Sees to the Establishment of More Security Intelligence Centres

New and improved security intelligence centres are gradually replacing the traditional security intelligence centres. This has become imperative because there has been an exponential increase in the number of cyber-attacks in this decade than in any other before. The era of just sitting on the fence and watching to see how big businesses battle it out have long gone. The real fact on ground is that anyone and just about any business is susceptible to cyber hacking.

World governments have spent the past years blaming each other on these cyber-attacks but have recently come to an understanding that they ned to be united against this common enemy. Cyber insurance has played a remarkably, appreciative roles for businesses as they help cushion the effect of data breaches. It is in this light that governments have decided to partner with these cyber insurance brokers to find a way to save businesses.

Security intelligence centres with more advanced technologies have been put in place and still being established to help research ways to prevent and possibly stop these cyber-attacks. Cyber insurance brokers like the Australian Greater National Group are being called upon to work together with these security intelligence centres so as to proffer a long lasting solution to these cyber-attacks epidemic.

Cyber Insurance Starts from Businesses Employee Education

In today’s world, technology plays a vital role. As a matter of fact, development is being measured by the extent by which technology has been incorporated. As important as technology in our everyday lives, it too comes with a certain number of negatives. A major highlighted one of today is the issue of security. Since today’s companies heavily depend on technology, it is understandable to see why security is placed as their top priority.

The threat posed by cyber-attacks is very real and evident, even in more recent cases. The need for cyber insurance has never been so important than it is today. While there are several cyber security tools being developed daily, firewall seems to be at the forefront. Even with its advancement, firewalls have proven to have certain levels of limitations in them. Cyber insurance is the only viable tool currently available to help shield a business from the risk of cyber-attacks.

The beginning of any true cyber insurance program would have to begin with training of the business employees. The truth is, a large number of these security breaches are often caused by human errors. According to cyber insurance experts at Greater national Group, it is not just about getting the best cyber insurance policy. Companies must actively train its employees to understand the basics of cyber security.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Get Reasonable Premiums, and Make Paperwork Easier with an Insurance Broker

All of you must know how difficult it is to claim the insurance for business, home, car or others. A lot of paperwork is required, and any mistake can cause delay in the execution of the insurance process. Therefore, it is better to hire a broker who can assist you in the complete procedure.

Recently, I have moved to Australia, and got a new house and a car. As I am alien to this place, and thus, decided to hire a reputed Insurance Brokers Melbourne. I surfed several websites, and asked my friends who are residing her for a longer time to know the best professional who can help me out in accomplishing the insurance work hassle-free. After making a lot of efforts, I finally got the details of the Insurance Broker Melbourne. I called him, and scheduled a personal meeting to know the important documents required for the home and car insurance. After meeting him, I felt that it was really a wise decision to hire him. He has vast knowledge in this domain, and provided information about insurance companies to choose from. He has done all the paperwork, and I got everything done at a lesser price than my expectations. Thus, I would recommend everybody to consult the professional for business insurance, public liability, professional indemnity, home, car or others. The experts work for your interest, and guide you well about the insurance policies. He make sure that the premiums are reasonable, and all paperwork is done by him.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Role of Cyber Insurance in Our Society Today Using UK Cyber-Attacks as Case Study

After a conclusive research carried out by the UK government, it released report urging the nation's businesses to better prepare themselves against cyber-attacks. The research report also stated that about 70% of these cyber-attacks involved the use of malware, spyware, or viruses. Just to prove that the government was fully committed to tackling this new crisis, the UK government has agreed to invest £1.9 billion into improving cyber security. The UK government has also said it would launch a new National Cyber Security Centre in the autumn of this year.

This call for businesses to better protect themselves was made when the research discovered that two-third of the nation's big businesses have fallen prey to one form of cyber breach or the other in the past year alone. These figures may seem alarming but it is a true indication of the rot cyber-attacks has caused in the UK alone. What then is this extra protection?

The answer lies in Cyber insurance and has been proven many a times to be the only line of defense again cyber-attacks. Cyber insurance works in the same principle as other general insurance but it deals more with electronic loses. According to professionals at Greater National Group, only Cyber insurance can be able to cover data loses of any kind. Taking a cue from the UK government's advice to its businesses, every business owner out there needs to be proactive in a society like the one we have today.

65% of Global Businesses Cannot Survive Without Cyber Insurance

Early this year, a report was published which showed that 65% of the total global businesses are not well equipped to prevent email based cyber-attacks. For any serious company, this report should be of real concern because it can affect just about anyone.

The report, named 'Mimecast Business Email Threat Report 2016: Email Security Uncovered' was based on an extensive survey carried out on 600 IT security professionals. This survey showed that a huge 65% of the world's businesses were susceptible to cyber-attacks through emails. As a matter of fact, one-third of the respondents were of the opinion that emails are no longer as safe as they used to be. The question left for all business owners - both big and small - to answer is: Are you willing to put your company in this 65%?

Saying No to such a question should go beyond words. While not all businesses can afford the level of cyber security that is used by the remaining 35%, all businesses can avail itself to the coverage of a good Cyber insurance. Cyber insurance, although nascent, is fast becoming one of the faster growing markets in the world. This is because businesses are no longer ready to play by the sidelines but are geared towards participating actively.

Friday, 10 June 2016

New Cyber Insurance Premiums Pricing

With the ever growing rate of cyber-attacks, cyber insurance companies are beginning to review the price of their premiums. In some worse case scenarios, clients are beginning to sue some of these cyber insurance brokers for failing to pay for damages.

As a follower of the cyber insurance industry, one would easily agree that this was not how it used to be. As more and more cases of cyber-attacks are reported, these cyber insurance companies are gradually becoming unable to bear the risk. Some have gone as far as reviewing their contract and placing a limit to the amount paid as damages.

A more recent trend is the increase in the price of premiums. This has left businesses to go source for funds to get cyber insured. A better approach to bringing balance between premium prices and pay outs can be exampled from what is done by cyber insurance giants, Greater National Group Company. Upon renewal of the insurance, businesses are told to pay the new premium price which gradually reduces as renewals are made. For new businesses hoping to opt in, several packages with different premium prices and features have been created to meet the financial strength of these businesses.

Facts to Know About Cyber Insurance

This era of the World Wide Web has brought about innumerable blessings to individuals, businesses, and government in general. It opened a whole lot of unimaginable opportunities that have been harnessed and still being harnessed each passing day. As the internet grew into what it is today, businesses saw an opportunity to take their brand, products and services beyond the confines of their locality. With this arose a new demon of cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks have caused damaged running into billions of dollars in the past few years alone.

The only viable protection for these small and big businesses was to get themselves covered by cyber insurance. All over the world today, there are lots of cyber insurance brokers who make it their duty to share the risks for affected businesses. Top cyber insurance brokers at Greater National Group (GNG) have shared some lights into what cyber insurance truly entails.

There is a huge difference between your umbrella policy and cyber insurance. Usually these general umbrella policies cover only physical damages. Cyber-attacks are more software related than physical. In case of data loss or breaches, cyber insurance is what gets your business covered. General umbrella policy does not usually include any form of electronic losses.

Does Your Company need Cyber Insurance?

If you are reading this, then you already know what an insurance policy is all about. Although not a new policy, cyber insurance has grown into a mainstream market in these past years. General standard business liability insurance will be able to cover situations like missing office equipment or damage to the office building. When you bring in data loss and other software related problems, you see the aforementioned insurance cannot do much on these grounds.

If in doubt whether your business needs cyber insurance, you would need to sit back and ask yourself some honest questions. How valuable is your business data and how much damage can be done to the business if there is a data loss? Usually questions like these are what guides businesses to find a good cyber insurance broker. If there is a loss and your business can weather the storm all alone without it affecting the running cost of the business, then maybe you can pass off getting the cyber insurance.

Top insurance brokers have long included cyber insurance to their package with the ever increasing attacks recorded yearly. A cyber insurance broker like Greater National Group would be able to help bear the risk in case of any data breach. Even small businesses that hold huge data or that has the dream of becoming big are investing in cyber insurance. While no one prays for such losses or breaches, the true question remains; if it happens, are you well protected?

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Increase in Cyber Insurance Premiums as Cyber Attacks Escalates

There has been recent reports of high profile cyber-attacks on some big companies in the past one year. As these attacks become more and more prevalent, cyber insurance companies are beginning to review the price of their premiums. As a result of this, these big companies that have been considered high risk by cyber insurance companies are left to source for funds for adequate coverage.

Applying simple economics, with the demand for these cyber insurance brokers, the cost of premiums may not come down any time soon. According to insurance experts at Greater National Group (GNG), these big companies affected by high profile attacks have damages running into 100s of millions of dollars. The only way to meet up or discourage such companies is to increase premiums. Cyber insurance brokers either increase the premiums from the beginning or during renewals.

Some cyber insurance brokers have even set limits to the amount of coverage to be covered. The professionals at GNG have availed themselves to help bridge this gap between helping these big companies and also getting premiums that are reasonable to clients. With this rising trend, one thing is sure; cyber insurance market is going to rise exponentially in the coming years.

Cyber Insurance - Probably the Only Solution to Business Cyber Attacks

As the world moves quickly into an era of technologic advancement, there are just too many benefits to be exploited. However, as with most good things, there seems to be some negatives that also come along. Sometimes we are able to overlook these negatives but these menaces from cyber-attacks have become a threat, to say the very least.

Cyber insurance is probably the only viable solution for today's businesses to protect them from attacks. In the past year alone, the reported number of these cyber-attacks seems to be on the increase exponentially. Any smart business owner, be it a big or small business, would need to invest in a Cyber insurance broker. One of such cyber insurance brokers in the region with a track record of success is the Greater National Group (GNG).

A chosen cyber insurance broker should be one that truly understands Cyber-attacks and offer packages that would cover the business if ever there is any attack. No business is 100% cyber-attack proof and no one would take your business as seriously as you do.