Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tips on Getting Fast Life Insurance Underwriting

Not many people realize that it takes almost 2 month for insurers to gather information before making an offer. Sometimes it may seem like it is taking forever and can be frustrating. If you want to get ahead of these delays, here are few tips to get a quick underwriting.

Provide All Your Physician Information
Life insurance companies would need to contact all your physicians. This is done to properly and accurately determine the level and condition of your health. By providing the necessary contact information, these insurance companies would not have to bother searching for it. According to a top life insurance agent at Greater National Group, the underwriting process seems to take forever because necessary information are not adequately provided by clients.

Medical Examination
This is yet another step that could delay the application process entirely. Most people tend to wait out first before scheduling a medical examination. The insurer would need to get your health status details and would not proceed without it. To give you a better lead, try scheduling your medical examination a week before you apply for the policy. This will give ample time for your physician to fit you in for an examination.

Work with the Insurer
This may seem like a well-known fact but you will be surprised to know that most people actually don't practice it. Establishing a good working cooperation with the insurer will ensure the underwriting process moves a whole lot faster.

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