Monday, 15 August 2016

2 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Data Breach

If you are reading this, chances are you are aware of the dangers of data breaches or hacks to any business - big or small businesses. While the world governments and the tech world put their heads together to provide solutions, as a business owner, you also need to take proactive steps. It goes without saying that you should have bought the right cyber insurance policy for your business by now. Even with this in place, you shouldn't sit back and leave your business security to chance. Here are two tips you should practice.

Develop a Formidable Incident Response Plan

This is not the time for any business to be living in denial. Cyber-attacks are real and can happen to just about anyone. Having an incident response plan on ground will help your business stand strong even after a data breach. In developing an incident response plan, you should ask yourself certain questions.

The answer to these questions will help you create your response plan. These questions include but not limited to, do you have a central command center in place? Who and what are the decision makers and investigative tools available? Who will take care of your PR? What exactly will you communicate?

Test Your Security System

This may seem like a normal thing to do but there are lots of businesses who really never do this. The basic idea behind this is to eradicate complacency. This will allow you find loopholes in your security systems before the hackers do. It is commonplace these days to see businesses hiring ethical hackers to help test their security systems occasionally. This may seem a bit expensive for growing small businesses but you could have an I.T expert help out with this. You will be amazed how this alone can help fortify your security systems, if done regularly and properly.

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