Monday, 8 August 2016

General Business Liability Insurance: Filing a Claim

One of the benefits of having an insurance policy is to get coverage in case of damages or loss to you, your business, employees, and third parties. The first step to getting this coverage when you need it is filing a claim. The same applies when you have s general business liability insurance. Just to clarify, general business liability insurance protects your business from litigation from third parties for damages or losses caused by you or your employees. In filing a claim in this policy, you would need to follow these steps.

Contact Your Insurer

Immediately the damage or loss occurs, you should put a call across to your insurer. It is very important that they are notified as quickly as possible. Since the insurer will be responsible for all payments, they would need to get as much information as possible.

Take Pictures Where Necessary

Luckily, we live in an era of technological advancement and smart phones are readily available. Take pictures and video of the incident. This will help the insurer get a true picture of what really happened. All of it will be used as evidence if and when there is need for it.

Use Eyewitness to Your Advantage

Usually when accidents occur, there are eyewitnesses. An eligible eyewitness is one that has no ties to you or your business. If there are eyewitnesses, try and get their contact information and ask if they will be ok if you contacted them to act as witness.

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