Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Steps to Filing a Cyber Insurance Claim

We all get cyber insurance to protect and cover us in case of a cyber attack. In the real sense, no business will want its data to be breached. Like most things in life, data breach is unpredictable and slowly becoming inevitable. So in case you are a victim of a data breach and you already have a cyber insurance policy, these are the steps you should follow in filing your claim. It’s important to note that different companies have slight variations in these steps. It’s best to work closely with your insurance company to see their exact steps.

Call Your Insurance Company
Irrespective of the type or location of the insurance company, this is usually the first step when filing  a claim. This steps notifies the insurance company of the loss or damage of your data. It is important that you put a call across to them immediately you experience or notice the loss or damage. Usually the company will acknowledge it and get back to you shortly.

Make a List
This part can be done before, during, or after making the call. If it is done before the call, then it has to be done quickly. Take a detailed inventory of all the affected data loss or damage. Not only will it allow you file a proper claim; it would help you accurately remember what exactly was lost or damaged.

Work with the Company

The insurance company will send in an adjuster and a usually a cyber security expert. While they are trying to ascertain the level of loss or damage, they would also be working to prevent further loss or damage. Make available to them all information that can help speed up either process. The sooner this step is done, the quicker your filed claim will be responded to.

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