Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Cyber Insurance: Preventing a Data Breach

With each passing year, businesses are becoming more vulnerable to data breaches than ever before. This raises the risk of identity theft and fraud to a whole new level. While cyber insurance has been able to cushion the effect of data breaches on companies with such policies, there are still proactive steps businesses can take to prevent such breaches.  

Store Only Needed Information

Businesses can have a large volume of information, depending on the size of the business. One way to prevent data breaches is to limit available information. Only keep information that you need at a time in places that are susceptible to hacks. Dumping all of your information in one place makes hackers interested and increases the damage impact.

Destroy Before Disposing

Any material or item relating to your business should be destroyed. It may seem like rubbish fit for garbage but you have no idea who needs it. For this reason, always destroy CDs or any media drive before disposing them.

Physically Secure Your Business

While cyber-attacks are online driven, you would be surprised that some of these hacks occur because they were able to get access to your business physically. Areas where you store important information should be safeguarded properly. Limit the number of staff with access to such areas. This will help pinpoint any intruder or accomplice.

Train Your Employees

The war against cyber threat is a worldwide battle and there's need for you to actively participate. One way is to keep your employees trained and updated on the level of cyber security available. It takes a simple negligence from one of your employees for such hacks to occur. Train them on how to avoid falling prey to them.

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