Monday, 25 July 2016

How to Handle a Dispute with Your Insurance Company

Sometimes, disputes with insurance companies will occur and you may be finding it hard to fight for your right – or maybe you just don’t know how to. These disputes come as a result of disagreements in paying of claims. If you want to resolve these disputes amicably, here are some steps you may want to consider.

Know Your Right!
Irrespective of the state or country that you may be in, the insurance industry is usually well regulated. An insurance company cannot misrepresent your policy or change the policy you both signed without informing you. They are legally bound to pay your claim if and when you meet the policy requirement – which is available to you to verify. They cannot delay you on purpose by giving you unnecessary forms to fill.

Use an Insurance Broker or Agent
This is why it is always advisable that you invest in a professional insurance agent or broker. These professionals are well-equipped with the right knowledge with all things pertaining to insurance. They usually have a relationship with insurance companies and can easily help you broker a good deal with the insurer.

Involve a Third Party
If things are still not going as you expect them to, then you may need to involve a third party. You can involve an independent agent or broker to help fight your cause. You could also get your state’s insurance department involved.

Usually these would resolve whatever issue is on ground. If it doesn’t, then your last step would be to take a legal action on the insurance company. There is no need jumping these steps. Just follow these steps and you will get your claims paid.

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