Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Cyber Insurance Review

My business was already about 3 years old when I bought cyber insurance from Greater National Group. I have a home insurance policy with them before, so it was easy to get on board when I fully realized the importance of cyber insurance. About 18 months afterwards, my business had its first major data breach. As a flight booking agent, my company has thousands of personal information of clients. The hackers got into our system and reversed most of the booked flights.  

I was confused and afraid I would have to deal with one form of litigation or the other. When I contacted GNG, they quickly sent over an expert to fortify our firewall to prevent further hacks and data manipulation. Long and short of it all, GNG was able to restore my data and ensure our systems were upgraded with better protection. Cyber threat is real and it can be devastating. It is good to know my company had a trusted hand to keep us from falling. 

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